Hey my name is Calvin Laurenson and welcome to my website. I’m based in Porirua, just north of Wellington in New Zealand. I count myself as being a caramel slice and sausage roll connoisseur and enjoy good coffee.

Why do I have a website?

Actually I have two! I have wanted a website for a long time, somewhere on the internet that what ever I did it was mine. When I was younger I really wanted a Wikipedia page but then I learned you need to be famous or something and I don’t fit that criteria (yet!) so I’ll settle with a website… for now.

The other website I have is flamingpages.co.nz and it belongs to my first website design business that I set up.

What do I do?

My skill set revolves around IT, specifically websites and programming. Outside of coding I’m a photographer, traveller and as you can see on here, a blogger.

Website Design

I have over four years of experience using code in multiple different languages including C#, .NET and PHP. Websites I’ve built or worked on range of websites from WordPress installs to custom built API’s and payment gateway systems for clients both here in New Zealand and internationally.

For more information on my web design, have a look at flamingpages.co.nz


Photography has been an interest of mine for a long time, since I was a kid. The first photo I remember taking was in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was an old film camera when you couldn’t see what you’d taken. I took this photo of a sunset that my parents said would never develop. Long story short it did and from there my passion for photography has too.

My photography is usually landscape with an unhealthy obsession with sunsets. To view some of my photos check out my Instagram: @calvinlaurenson.

I currently use a Canon 70D, Canon G7x and GoPro Hero4+ Black.


By far my favourite thing in the world, I’ve travelled to over 30 countries in five continents. Most recently spending four months in the UK and Europe.

Travel has taught me so much about the world we live in and the people we share the planet with. But it’s also allowed me to see other places and meet new people.