Wellington’s America’s Cup Parade

New Zealand likes a good parade to celebrate sporting success and usually that starts as a one off in Auckland. Before long, Wellington are shouting from the roof tops for their own parade before Christchurch and Dunedin join in.

America’s Cup was no different and Wellington (like it always does!) got it’s way. Whats better is that while Auckland was wet, windy and miserable. Wellington laid out the sunshine and showed its best side.

I got to the parade route nice and early, setting myself up at the start with a perfect uninterrupted view looking directly at parliament’s gates where it would all begin.

I mainly focused on the photography side of things for this event but I did manage to juggle three cameras and get a few small clips.

New Zealand's parliament grounds
New Zealand’s parliament grounds

Christchurch 6 years after the earthquake

Starngers Lane

Recently on Instagram, I said that, “lately I always arrive in Christchurch during a disaster” of some sort. My most recent trip, just a couple of weeks ago when the Port Hills were ablaze or as one media outlet put it “Christchurch is engulfed in fire”. Not really but this isn’t a fake news post. I was in Christchurch to see how the city had rebuilt, 6 years after the earthquake that devastated the city.