Getting chased in The Vatican and than nearly run over by the police

Swiss Guards

That is one very long title and hopefully it satisfies my SEO title length checker. But it also sums up this story from my travels. Now if you came to find out what happened at The Vatican and you aren’t a details person well… you know. If you want to hear the full story then stick around and read on.

St Peter's Basilica
St Peter’s Basilica

The reason this story exists is thanks to me being on a tour. The tour started in Rome and the first optional side trip was a guided tour of the Vatican City.

The tour ended at St Peter’s Basilica and we were then free to explore the Basilica in our own time before leaving Vatican City. Now one of the things that I was yet to see but is synonymous with the Vatican is the Swiss Guards.

Walking out of the Vatican you turn right to head towards the exit and you pass a fenced off area that has like an employee entrance or something. Anyway it was protected / patrolled / guarded by two Swiss Guards. I guess the fence was to keep the public back while letting employees come and go. We’re standing watching and then we go to leave and my friend notices the gate is open, so being the good person she is, she closes it and we walk away heading for the Italian border.

The sign as you leave St Peter's Basilica
The sign as you leave St Peter’s Basilica

Being Chased & Questioned

At this point we’re discussing dinner when from behind me I hear a guy running towards us yelling. He wants to know who closed the gate and why.

Swiss Guards
Swiss Guards

At this point I’m in survival mood and instantly hand over my friend for what ever high treason she’s just committed. Turns out a quick explanation that she just thought it was supposed to be closed we were free to go.

Being Run Over

That Italian border was getting closer and closer. Suddenly we’re jumping for our lives as a police car comes racing towards us, not for us though. The car was chasing people who (illegally?) sell things but they didn’t care who was in the way. The car was not stopping so if you didn’t move you were going to be run over. One of the guys who was being chased nearly got run over when he stopped but the car didn’t.

With being chased, questioned and nearly run over, we finally made it back to Italy and our ordeal was over! The Vatican City is a pretty amazing place with incredible architecture and artwork. I really enjoyed having a look around. The final 10 or so minutes just added to the excitement.