Travel Tips

I thought I would share a few tips & tricks I’ve learned while travelling.

Roll up clothing

I can’t remember who taught me this tip but its a lifesaver when it comes to space in a bag. It might seem strange to roll clothing up over folding it and the physics doesn’t agree but there are advantages. First, you’ll have less creases as there aren’t any hard folds. Secondly, because clothing is soft, when you roll things up and put them in your bag, you’ll actually squash everything down and fill in the gaps.

Flying? Pack a change of clothes in your carry on.

I learn’t this after flying from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. We had a short transit until flying back to Auckland and after standing at the baggage carousal waiting until the last bags came out, we discovered our bags had gone┬ámissing.

As we were flying home, this wasn’t a major issue. Since then, I’ve always had a change of clothes in my carry on just in case my bags do go missing.